“Make every floor as safe as the ground floor”

What is ASAP?

ASAP is designed to make every floor as safe as the ground floor.

ASAP is a high grade steel structure that is able to be placed over any stairwell opening to ensure the safety of any personnel working on it, holding a safe working load of 1200kg.

It’s installed in under 10 minutes!
And dismantled even quicker!

Work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Created from 30 year’s experience. Delivered on site to your trade so you work smarter. No more cutting corners.

Save Time
The ASAP is incredibly fast to set up and dismantle.
So your job is done faster and more efficiently.

Health and Safety
Every floor is now as safe as the ground floor. No more accidents leaving your employees unable to work, resulting in loss of money, time on builds and expensive insurance claims.

“A new innovative protection system is on the market.”

H&K SAFETY SERVICES SAY “The adjustable Stairwell Access Platform (ASAP) has been created and developed by Richard Pearson and his management team at Pearson Carpentry Limited to solve an age-old problem of working at stairwells in construction.

With design engineers involved to develop the system to withstand loads of up to 1200Kg, the platform will be suitable for multiple persons and trades. With short installation times, it is easy to install from lower stairs and from behind existing temporary edge protection and can be partially removed to allow for access and egress should it be so required.

Designed to help employs satisfy the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations, the system has been successfully tested by tradespersons in real-life situations with positive feedback.



“Safest way to fit 1st and 2nd stairs I have ever used.”


“Once you get used to set it up, it is very quick and easy to set up and use”


“I felt very safe and secure
when using ASAP.”


“I was able to get my work done much quicker than any other system I have used before.”


“Very quick and easy to use, I felt very safe when me and my apprentice were both on it fitting a set of stairs.”