What is ASAP?

ASAP ( Adjustable Stairwell Access Platform ) is a high grade steel structure that is able to be placed over any stairwell opening to ensure the safety of any personnel working on it, holding a safe working load of 1000kg. It can be used through the construction cycle for the safe installation of joists level and stair installation.

It’s installed in under 4 minutes and dismantled even quicker.

In under 4 minutes you can save money, work smarter, faster and more efficiently


Created from 30 year’s experience. Delivered on site to your trade so you work smarter. No more cutting corners.

Save Time
The ASAP can be installed in under 4 minutes! So your job is done faster and more efficiently.

Health and Safety
Every floor is now as safe as the ground floor. No more accidents leaving your employees unable to work, resulting in loss of money, time on builds and expensive insurance claims.

ASAP can be used more than once and can be moved between sites continuously thanks to its quick and easy assembly and disassembly. 

Fits Multiple Stairwell Openings
Both straight staircase and full turn staircase ASAP systems can be adjusted to suit a variety of stairwell openings. Making it a convenient part of your company’s safety system.

ASAP is not only fast and easy to install, it also has the ability to be used for many other operations surrounding the stairwell opening.

All the elements of the ASAP system are interchangeable so it can be configured to fit multiple stairwell openings

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