Our Story

There has to be a better way.

Richard Pearson. Creator of the ASAP.

After being in the new build housing industry for the last 30 years, first as an onsite carpenter alongside my father, then moving on to create my own successful carpentry company over the past 20 years, health and safety has been paramount to both my own work and my company’s.

Working alongside many of the largest new build developers in the South East, I have had the pleasure of winning numerous NHBC awards, allowing me to progress through the industry, supporting and working with new and upcoming developers with sites ranging from 30 to 300 units.

Throughout my time in the industry, second floor stair installation has been an ongoing issue, proving problematic and dangerous for all employees involved with the build of a new home. 
I, along with my dedicated management team and experienced carpenters, looked at ways to develop a product which would assist not only in our own work, but in the industry as a whole.

Our biggest driving force was the want for safety amongst all workers, ensuring the risk of working on site was kept to a minimum at all times. 
After many meetings of brainstorming new ideas, my daughter (a Mechanical Engineering student at Exeter University) along with our structural engineers took on the challenge of developing our new product – Adjustable Stairwell Access Platform (ASAP). 
ASAP is strong, easy and quick to install and convenient to remove, making it one of best products on the current construction market. We have developed two types of ASAP; one to fit straight flight stairs, and another to fit full turn staircases.

Both products can be adjusted to suit a variety of stairwell opening sizes, and are multi-purpose for other operations surrounding the staircase (such as tacking, plastering and painting), therefore making them a convenient alternative to old school carpentry techniques.
I believe an employee’s main focus within the workplace should be safety for both themselves and others, and with this being paramount to my company, ASAP is a step forward into the future of construction industry in the UK.